Maury and Susan Wimbrow


Susan Ayres Wimbrow owned and operated a funeral home from 1980 to 2000 and spent over 40 years in the funeral service. Maury Wimbrow recently retired from real estate appraising to operate the bookstore.

In the summer of 2018, Susan published her first novel, Death Is My Life, a fictionalized memoir of her life. It recounts the murder and rape of her mother and her introduction to the world of funeral service.

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Penelope and Oliver are rescued racing greyhounds.

in 1919, Blue Star Amusement Company built an oval track and invented a mechanical, rabbit-like lure which could be used to race greyhounds. Illegal betting flourished and in 1931, Florida became the first state to legalize dog racing. What has transpired in the decades following is a sad history of abuse, injury, doping and inhumane treatment of these majestic dogs.

Increased public awareness has led to opposition to this cruel sport. Greyhound racing is on the wane and is illegal in 40 states and will be phased out in Florida by 2021. Gambling on dog racing has dropped 70% nationwide in the last decade. In the coming years, thousands of rescued racing greyhounds will need homes. Greyhounds are very clean, quiet, intelligent, and gentle dogs which make great pets. Might you have room in your heart for a rescued beauty like Penelope or Oliver? Click here for more information on adoption:

Greyhound Welfare, Inc. Greyhound Adoptions of Delaware National Greyhound Adoption Program